ArtsInUa Exhibition:the First Day Ceremony

artsin4sgartsin3sgartsin2sgartsin1sgartsin6b_sgPhoto by V.Prydatko-Dolin and G.Kolomytsev (iPhone,Nikon)

ArtsInUa_22Sept11,gel-pen,watercolorArtsInUa_2,22Sept11,watercolor,gel-penAssociative sketches from the event (gel-pen,watercolor, 15*21 cm)

Read more details about the event at this point as well as at ArtsInUa pages of Аnastasiya Krayneva, Stepan Orda, Sergey Fesenko, Elena Yushina, Klochko Olga, Melnikova Anastasiya. and Bayterjakov Alexander (ru). Note: perhaps there was the first exhibition of painting about which I know, and where were presented the arts but not photos about Wrangel Island. I am very happy that it happened in Kyiv.

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