MyArcticAntarcticAndArt (previously, MyArcticInArt) is the author’s, Vasyl Prydatko-Dolin, art-web-resource about Polar Regions and other wild nature with warm feelings! Painting (sketches, water color, ink, pencil, oil, grattage, postage stamps), poems, songs, prose, rare documentary and art photos, rare geographical maps – an integral part of what only looks like ‘white silence’. The core set of the web is the author’s outcome mainly related to the East Arctic Regions i.e Wrangel [Vrangel, Wrangell] and Herald [Gerald] Islands, its science, history and nature philosophy. Since 2015 it is also my resource about Antarctica. In addition the gallery includes results of my painting-travels to another countries and ares including Crimea, Polissya, Carpathians, Pierina, Balkans, Andes etc.


My e-mail address: vasylprydatko•yahoo.com

Note: this new web-site is under reconstruction. Sorry for the temporary inconveniences.

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