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The author was participant and/or leader of several Arctic expeditions: Wranglel Island (1978-1988); Herald Island (1982, 1983, 1987, 1988), Bears [Medvezhi] Islands (1985), Kol’uchin Island (1987), Bolshevik Island [North Land Archipelago] – 1992. Other travels: Australia, USA, Canada (2), Slovakia, Hungary, Kenya (2), Austria, United Kingdom (3), Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands (4), France, Bulgaria (2), Turkey (2), Malaysia, Ecuador (2), Thailand, Spain, Kazakhstan (1989-1991), Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Moldova. Education: Art-studios ‘F.Didenko’ and ‘Bolshevik’ (1970-1971); Photo-master-classes ‘B.Lvov’, ‘K.Dolin’ (1972-1975), KyivUniversity Diploma (1972-1977); PhotoMaster Diploma (1983); Ph.D. (1983-1986).  The lead author of ‘Landscape Ecology…’ (2008). Key art interest: landscapes (watercolor as well s pencil, ink-pen, ink-bamboo-reed-pen and oil) – more then 300 pictures. Scientific publications: 140. Exhibition, Internet-exhibition, illustrating of books, scientific posters etc : ArtsInUa – The Gallery of Modern Art; ULRMC (Kyiv), НАУ (Kyiv), PeaceCorps Ukraine (Kyiv); ХайВей (In Spain – With Pencil and Sketching Book, Rus – top, 123 visitors, 7 reviews; In Kyiv – With Sketching Book and Pencil, Rus – top, 276 visitors, 15 reviews; Goodbye Sovsky Lakes – 647 visitors; Sovsky Lakes, animals and plants diversity (Ukr) – top, 2118 visitors, 5 reviews; illustrations for the author’s poems at СтихиРу – 3471 readers; illustrations for BioModel; Paintings… Arctic, Rus… (2007) and Arctic-in-Art: … drawings, graphics – above 5000 readers from 19 countries; oil-and-watercolor, graphics (pen, pencil, inc, bamboo-pen) and geographical maps – for handbooks and books Birds of Wrangel Island ((1986, Rus), Agrobiodiversity of Ukraine… (2005, Ukr, Eng), Landscape Ecology… (2008, Ukr, Eng). Scientific posters: Today You Have a Choice in Modelling, GLOBIO-Ukraine 2050, My Arctic Islands (see below) and more. In November 2009 my art-presentation was introduced on YouTube, and in the Gallery of Modern Art – ArtsInUa. Author is the member of Watercolorpainting web-society.


Photo by Sem Chajvyyn, Somnytelnaja Bay (1979)

Wrangel Island in Art , V.Prydatko-Dolin's LeafletWrangel Island and Herald Island in Art – the author’s Leaflet. Download pdf here: Arctic-in-Art)

VP-D,in denVP-D art VP-D in MadridVP-D in studioVP-D,friendly cartoonPrydatko-Dolin portrait by N.Sakhnov,Wrangel Isl,pencil Radio cabin ,Koljuchin Polar Station,Arctic 1) in a bear’s den (photo by A.Lyskin), 80’s; 2) in a gallery, 2007; 3) at a Madrid’s street (photo by G.Kolomytsev), 2008; 4) in the studio, 2007; 5) a friendly cartoon by the Wrangel Island Reserve’s staff (80’s); 6) my portrait by N.Sakhnov, Wrangel Island, 1980’s (pencil, 25*35 cm); 7) at the Koliyuchin Polar Station’s radio cabin in Arctic, 1985 (photo by John Skrypka).

Contact address: vasylprydatko[a]yahoo.com

Kyiv: 2007-2014

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