My impressive talk with kids about Polar Regions in Kyiv’s gymnasium №172 ‘Nyvky’

February 28, 2019: Thanks to the kind invitation of teachers, in particular, Lyudmila A. Kozubenko, I have a pleasure to meet with students of the Gymnasium 172 ‘Nyvky’ in Kiev, and to talk with them about the Arctic and the Antarctic… It was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful these children were preparing for the ad-hoc geography lesson on Arctic-and-Antarctic. Nice boys and girls read verses impressively about cold North and cold South, as well as lines about new Magallanes and new Columbus, and in the meantime, on the big screen was a background slide-tape about the Antarctica. And what was most importantly – the participants asked more than wise 25 questions! Of course, some of them, once, will take part in the high latitude expedition! I am sure…
Mtg with V.P.-D. in Gymnasium №172 'Nyvky', Kyiv, p.1Mtg with V.P.-D. in Gymnasium №172 'Nyvky', Kyiv, p.2Mtg with V.P.-D. in Gymnasium №172 'Nyvky', Kyiv, p.3

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