New Paintings are Already in the Antarctic Center in Kyiv

The author's Flyer_DogsledThese nice spring days the expeditions artist – Vasyl Prydatko-Dolin – presents his exhibition ‘Ukraine, Arctic, Antarctic: painting, graphics and education’. It takes place in National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine (NASC) in building of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MES), Kyiv. The event was organized by the Antarctic Center on the occasion of Ukraine Sciences Day. The Day is a professional holiday of Ukrainian scientists, which is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of May, and on May 18 this year.

The author says that he is often asked by visitors whether his polar compositions were created in nature (in a plein-air) or in a studio, and to whom he is pleased to answer: of course, in nature, but somewhere in a tundra’s hut or in a ‘comfortable’ cabin of ship or tractor. It was everywhere you can hide from mist, rain, snowstorm, frost or everyday polar wind… To hide from that extreme weather is necessary to thoroughly dry, for example, your watercolors. And this is equally important i.e. in islands of the North Oceans, on banks of the Beagle Strait in Argentina’s Antarctic region, or in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. As a person with the naturalist’s education background and views of natural philosopher the author acts as a supporter of natural, informative painting. Another natural admiration for the artist’s naturalism is that juvenile ‘biogeo’ (biotic-geo-information-science). Hence, in the exposition, the one of fifth banner displays scientific publications and examples of rather complicated geographical maps and even digital scenarios-animations to creation of which the artist has repeatedly joined.

Two announcements about the exhibition have been published at web-pages of NASC and MES. The Ukraine Academy of Painting and Architecture (Kyiv) has supported the event kindly having provided 25 new easels. Visitors can enter the exhibition space on address: Boulevard Tarasa Shevchenko 16, Kyiv. The entrance is free, but with preliminary registration by phone (+38) 096-728-88-68 [Ms. Sofia], from 9:00 to 17:30, on weekdays only.

Read more about the artist here, or at the web-page of NASC (see above), or in FOCUC magazine (ukr).

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