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In Spain With Pad-and-Pencil (ru)

Across Kyiv With Notebook-and-Pencil (ru)

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About Drawings of Unknown Songbirds Made at Wrangel Island. My Arctic-in-Art, pdf v8, 0.3 Mb. (ru, 3 illustrations).

About my landscapes of Koljuchin Island (2010, ru)

A note for the artists: how to demonstrate your picture in GoogleEarth environment (ru)

About Rare Scientific Watercolors Made in Wrangel Island (ru)

About life of polar mini-sketches (ru)

About vax pencils [techniques] (ru)

Kiev’s Landscapes are Suffering from the ‘Easter Island’s Syndrome’ (ru)

[About] Børge Ousland… Zerkalo Nedeli #1 (274) January 15 — 21, 2000. (Or read the original news-week Zerkalo Nedeli) ru




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* Note: the author has published more then 160 scientific and other articles, and translated from English to Russian more then 100 resumes of scientific articles for РЖБ-04 Зоология – ВИНИТИ (Moscow). Please refer to instead of closed in the proposed downloadable version of publications.

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