A piece of Arctic for you. Antarctic to be continued…

Passing the Shokalsky Strait...Thanks to some of my readers… see below unknown story of 1991’s which received unexpected continuation in 2018 (about our expedition to the North Land Archipelago, Baranova Cape) and ringing of Ivory Gull. Read more with UA-version… Photo by I.Safronova. We try to cross ice fields of the Shokalsky Strait in view of Vise Island. Sketches by the author (1991): In expedidtion (North Land Archipelago); Near a glacier (North Land Archipelago).

In expedition (North Land Archipelago) - sketch by V.Prydatko-Dolin, 1991

Near a glacier (North Land Archipelago) - sketch by V.Prydatko-Dolin,1991


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