Altaj, ink, PS ©1976 Vasyl Prydatko
The Ocean’s Ice (the well known second title was ‘The Ross’ Gull’), MP3, 2.4 Mb
It is poem (pdf, ru) about beautiful Ross’ Gulls, which author saw many times in Wrangel Island and the Herald Island, and about which he published several scientific articles. The poem was published also at the Стихи.Ру web-page.

An One Inch Only of that Tarred Board
It is poem (pdf, ru) about my Doubtful Bay at Wrangel Island and about its sea hunters of 1970’s. The poem was published first at the Стихи.Ру web-page. I am very grateful to singer Mr. Konstantin Kuklin who created his version of the music and provided its first presentation at a personal web-page.

See more my songs at the Russian version of the web.


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