Memories of ‘Anton’ in H.Ponting records of 1922

On March 28, 2919, the ‘Expedition XXI’ of the National Antarctic Scientific Centre (Ukraine), has presented to readers first translation to Ukrainian language some extracts of the Herbert G. Ponting records of 1922 related to ‘Anton’, i.e. Anton Omelchenko, who was ‘groom-boy’ of the Terra Nova Expedition. In various old memories of ‘Anton’ he was called wrongly as ‘Russian-groom’ or ‘Russian-pony-boy’. However he was born in Ukraine (Bat’ky Village, Poltava Region) and died in Ukraine (Bat’ky Village, Poltava Region).

More details: Herbert G. Ponting. The Great White South (1922). Extract: notes about Anton Omelchenko. (Literature translation to Ukrainian by V.Prydatko-Dolin). К.: Expedition XXI (UA), April 02, 2019.— 6 pp., 1 pic. (UA). 

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