The Hymn for Polar Explorers began his journey


Photo by A.Vatuliov (read the text)

This illustration of November 17, 2010 shows my meeting with polar explorers from National Antarctic Scientific Centre (Kyiv) – Mr. Stanislav Nedogybchenko (expected XVIth Ukrainian antarctic expedition, left) and Mr. Vladymyr Loginov (second from the left), and which took place at ULRMC office. We talked about Antarctica… During the meeting Vladimyr Loginiv presented  his ‘The Hymn for Polar’ (rus, mp3). It was very nice gift for me indeed, and I never heard about it before.  Some time after I was surprised pleasantly by what I found out in the attached slides-strip of the Hymn. There were several my art-photos of past years I spent at Wrangel Island, and that included this popular In the De Long Strait picture. So the art-photo went to the life, and I was very happy about it as the artist.

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