About Arctic… to Survivorman

On February 6, 2010 the Discovery Science (Ukraine Zone) demonstrated a real nice Survivorman videotaping about Les Stroud’s adventure in Arctic (Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, Alaska). It was great indeed! (Read original story of the Discovery Science channel here).

Nevertheless, I would like  to note that showed DS survival method in Alaska has to be improved seriously for cost of several additional (available) actions. There are: i) catсhing of White Headed Gull(s) by loops, ii) ice fishing of Ice Pod (possibly), iii) usage of ‘snow cocoon’ instead of igloo, iv) usage of rakes instead of sleighs, iv) or buildup of ice skin on its runners, v) pulling-and-hunting to Arctic terrestrial-coastal mammals (but only in really extreme situations and that was outside, Thank God, of the concrete DS-survival-episodes). Finally, improvement of the survival ‘management plan’ and changes of behavior i.e. faster movement to a populated place, and warmer ‘day-time-sleeping’.  I am writing this based on my 11-years Arctic expeditions experience (Wrangel Island, Herald Island, North Land Archipelago etc.) My details TBD.

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