About second life of my polar mini-sketches

There is story about second life of pictures (miniatures) of my travel notebook, and which I cleaned and processed then in Photoshop environment. (Many travel miniatures were made primary by pencil, ballpen and sometime by ink-pen with usage of not suitable checkered paper). The processed enlarged sketches presented to me many new art-examples like ‘The dog-sled musher’ or ‘Seabirds’. I’m not surprised today with these small-formatted and fast drawings of Wrangel Island were made by famous travelers J. Muir and Edward Nelson, and they they make me delight so far. See more details with ru version…

Dog sledging in Wrangel Isl, mini-sketch, pen

Dog sleging (fragment),mini-sketch,penDog sledging in Wrangel Island in 70’s (reconstructed from the original mini-sketch 3*7 cm, pen, Photoshop)

A thrown polar station in Wrangel Isl, mini-sketch, penA thrown polar station in Wrangel Island (reconstructed from the original mini-sketch 3*5 cm, pen, Photoshop)

Polar bears in Blossom Cape,Wrangel Isl,pen Polar bears in Blossom Cape, Wrangel Island (reconstructed from the original mini-sketch 4*8 cm, pen, Photoshop)

Seabirds (Ptychy) Cape, Wrangel Isl, mini-sketch, penSeabirds (Ptychy) Cape, Wrangel Island, reconstructed from the original mini-sketch 3*4 cm, pen, Photoshop)

Seabirds,Wrangel Isl,mini-sketh, ch1,pen

Seabirds,Wrangel Isl,mini-sketch,ch 2,pen Seabirds, Wrangel and Herald Island (mini-sketches of original size near 3*5 cm, pen, Photoshop)

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